The efficiency of the next-gen Backsheets in surpassing the PET based Backsheets can be duly credited to the high-performance polyolefin properties used in the manufacturing process of Shingi Urja, along with its resolution to deliver infinite endurance for limitless power.

The potent and advanced technology has already been patented with effective and efficient results and ensures practically zero percent chance of de-lamination as oppose to the PET based Backsheets.

Keeping its ecological mindset in place, Shingi Urja has also advanced the direction of Backsheet production by adopting a fluorine free manufacturing process. A crucial step towards the utilization of eco-friendly raw material for solar panel manufacturing and subsequently an extremely crucial step towards possessing a wholesome, ecological mind-set.

Having undergone a 1086-hour long testing at 155°C as well as a 2086-hour long testing at 145°C, Shingi Urja’s Backsheet has surpassed all existing technologies by bearing none to minimal degradation whatsoever.

To add more credibility to the aforementioned Backsheet, we can firmly state about its stability, for it exhibits unmatched endurance against Damp Heat testing.

Another highly commendable feature throws light on the Shingi Urja’s Backsheet’s ability to reduce any risk of the solar pannel undergoing Potential Induced Degradation (PID) Which in turn increases the modules lifespan.

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